Prospects of the Asphalt-Paving Industry

Pavers across the country like Raymond Wolk Paving are experiencing changes to the asphalt-paving industry thanks to the FAST Act (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act). This act has been in effect for more than 18 months and aims to drive a positive attitude in a market that has been suppressed for years. The hope is that as confidence returns to the market, paver demand will grow.

“The FAST Act gives contractors confidence to invest in equipment,” Caterpillar’s global sales consultant Jon Anderson told  “The passage of an incremental infrastructure bill would also have a big effect on the market.”

Implemented in 2015, the FAST Act focuses on improving our country’s infrastructure and is having a positive effect on contractors of all shapes and sizes. Pavers like R Wolk Paving are seeing more work available and investing more in their equipment and team of workers.

With the FAST Act, projects done by Raymond Wolk Paving are now more certain to be completed because of the company’s investment in new machines and technology.

Besides fostering higher funding levels for the asphalt paving industry, the FAST Act also provides longer-term confidence for contractors like R Wolk because of the bill’s five-year duration. Raymond Wolk Paving can now plan projects for the long term rather than having to keeping extending them.

But with the bill set to expire in 2020, the hope is that another bill can be developed to further aid the development of the asphalt-paving industry.

Not only is extending the benefits of the FAST Act one of the challenges that’s facing the asphalt-paving industry, but contractors are also seeing an aging workforce become a liability. This is making reliable crews hard for paving companies to find, especially with the demand for machines that are easier to operate and maintain becomes more prevalent.

While the asphalt-paving industry isn’t without hurdles to get over, the FAST Act has helped its prospects start moving in the right direction and improved the services provided by Raymond Wolk Paving.

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